Why Choose Grass-Fed Beef?

Besides the fact that it's nature's design for cows to eat grass, there are several characteristics of grass-fed beef that make it a more sensible choice than grain-fed.

The quality of the fat in grass-fed beef is higher than that of grain-fed, because it contains a greater proportion of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are important anti-inflammatory agents. Grain-fed beef, on the other hand, contains a higher percentage of Omega-6 fatty acids, which have been shown to produce significantly more inflammation. In addition, the ratio of fat found in grass-fed beef is far easier on our bodies than grain-fed, and lower in saturated fat as well.

Grass-fed beef is the only type of beef that contains an important fat known as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which has significant antioxidant properties, and has been shown to help prevent certain types of cancer.

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March 8, 2017

Buyer’s Guide to Sourcing the Best Grass-Fed Beef

Finding quality grass-fed beef for you and your family isn’t always easy, though this type of protein is quickly growing in popularity around the nation. This is because of the superior health benefits that grass-fed beef delivers when compared to grain-finished meat. Yet, while your local health food store, farmer’s market, butcher, meat supplier or even just the corner grocery store may offer grass-fed beef, it may not be the product that you’re after. So, to help you locate the highest quality meat in your area, here’s an in-depth buyer’s guide to choosing better beef. Grass-Fed vs. Grass-Finished. Before diving into where you can find the best beef in your city or town, it’s important to review the key difference between grass-fed and grass-finished. Why? Unfortunately, some unscrupulous suppliers label their meat as being grass-fed, even though their cattle are given a diet of predominantly or even entirely grain for […]
January 20, 2017

5 Things You Need To Know About Grass-fed Beef

1. What is grass-fed beef? Before you go through in-depth information about grass-fed beef, you must understand the meaning. There’s a lot of misconceptions and confusion around the term, grass-fed beef. As a result, the first step to understanding the term grass-fed beef is knowing what it really means. Grass-fed beef is a term used to describe beef from cattle that has been raised exclusively on pasture (grass) as opposed to grain, animal feeds, etc. It is important to know whether cattle is raised exclusively on pasture or feeds because whatever cattle feeds on has a tremendous impact on the resulting quality of beef. 2. Grass-fed beef is not organic beef If you thought organic beef is the same as grass-fed beef or has better quality, think twice. By law, organic beef is beef which comes from animals which are fed on 100% natural feeds. As a result, the feed […]

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Health and nutrition experts recommend sticking with beef from cows that have been raised the natural way being allowed to graze in pastures throughout their lifespan.

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Grass-fed beef contains generous amounts of Vitamin K2, which plays a vital role in calcium absorption. This critical nutrient promotes greater heart health and bone health, and reduces the risk of heart disease.

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While the area of ethics can definitely be a touchy subject, it has often been argued that grass-fed cattle are treated far more humanely than those that are processed through factory farms.